David F. Curtis

Senior Pastor


264 picturesDavid CurtisDavid F. Curtis, native of Oxford, North Carolina. Married to Tamri J. Curtis of Statesville, North Carolina. A United States Army Veteran and the son of Willie Curtis and Lila Otelia Curtis of Oxford, NC. Saved in 1981 with over 32 years in ministry. David Curtis has a Bachelor Degree from f Campbell University in Social Work and Masters from Troy University in Management. He has over twenty years of pastoral experience and twelve years as an Evangelist for Christ. David Curtis has been a member of the Church of God in Christ since 1982 under the leadership of Bishop W.W. Hamilton of Seaside California. David Curtis is the present leader of the Angels of Lie Worldwide Ministry. This ministry is has three major principles. Rebuilding the faith of the believer, Restoring Wholeness to every person and Renewing the passion to serve Jesu Christ as Lord and Savior
David Curtis presently works with the National Urban League as an Outreach Specialist and Senior Coach for the City of Houston Youth Summer Program, in Houston, Texas.
David Curtis pastoral and leadership experience are the following:
Angels of Life Worldwide Inc. Covenant Fellowship of Churches. Associated Minister at New Life Tabernacle, Houston, Texas. Home and Foreign Mission Greater Victory Temple COGIC- 1983-1985, Youth Minister Berne Avenue COGIC in.1985-1989, Home and Foreign Mission President of Germany 1989-1992.
Pastoral assignment in 1988 Scottsboro Alabama -House of Prayer COGIC, Upper Room COGIC. 1989-1992, New Jerusalem COGIC 1991-1992, International Evangelist COGIC in 1992-1995.
Founder of New Life in Christ Ministry in 1999 – 2009, Angels of Life Worldwide 2010 -2013.
Regional President Big Brother and Big Sister: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia.
Oversea and mentoring men and women preparing them to win souls for Christ, develop a life of prayer and fasting. Educating the people who feel the call of God to minister to the nations and conducting Prayer Revivals for churches throughout Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctic, the Americas and Europe.
Volunteer Manager-Eating Disorders Coalition
Lobbying for Minorities for State of North Carolina
Coordination with House Representatives and Senator Representatives on Capital to increase Eating Disorders in the Minority Community
Owner/Director-Jericho Foundation- educating organizations on the 501 c 3 process.
February 1998 – August 2006 (8 years 7 months) |Hope Mills, North Carolina
Provide referrals to substance abuse clients to Local and National Treatment Centers .Provide counseling to at risk teenager and provide First Time Offenders to clear their record. Provide nutritional and medical funding to elderly to obtain necessary medication. Counseling program for veterans and families.
US Army Fort Bragg NC-October 1980 – March 1995 (14 years 6 months)black praying hands